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Our company is internationally recognized for the ground-breaking software we've developed, and the aviation services we provide. Illustrated below are select samples from our portfolio that highlight how we've helped our customers meet their business goals, while exceeding their expectations.

Project: Mobile Learning
Client: Boeing

Jeppesen, a division of Boeing Flight Services, needed to convert a standalone eLearning program for a avionics system. The courseware, originally developed by Pegasus Interactive and sold to Jeppesen in 2010 as part of the VFLITE™ product line, uses sophisticated state-engine technology to simulate the aviation electronics device on the desktop.

Major challenges for the project included conversion of legacy code to enable the device simulation and app to run natively on iOS, making over 10 hours of seat time (featuring extensive animation and voiceover) run seamlessly, integrating in-app purchase functionality and providing the best user experience.

We worked closely with Jeppesen to meet all their requirements and the result has been outstanding. The app was the hands-down winner at the the 2013 Boeing Mobile Summit and its versatile purchase options are driving sales. This freemium app can be downloaded for evaluation here from the App Store.

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Project: Courseware (example 1)
Client: Honeywell

Bendix/King, an aviation electronics division of Honeywell, required courseware to support customer training for a complicated new product, the KSN 770. A major goal for the eLearning course was to convert several hundred pages of engineering-based, technically written product documentation into easy to comprehend, visually engaging multimedia training.

The Pegasus team worked hard to create both tablet and browser-based versions of the course that gets customers up to speed quickly on all KSN 770 procedures. We overcame many technical obstacles, including enabling the 770 desktop emulator to communicate with the X-Plane simulator to capture images, and delivered the courseware ahead of schedule and on-budget.

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Project: Courseware (example 2)
Client: L3 Communications

L3 Communications hired Pegasus Interactive to develop a series of computer-based training courses for SmartDeck, its advanced glass cockpit system. The courseware included extensive use of multimedia and device simulation.

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Project: Courseware (example 3)
Client: Boeing

Pegasus Interactive provided services to convert standalone courseware to run on the Jeppesen/Boeing LMS. A major accomplishment of the project was enabling SCORM tracking and reporting of learner progress for the simulation elements of the courseware.

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Project: Courseware (example 4)
Client: IOMAX

IOMAX, a defense systems integrator, contracted Pegasus Interactive to support their training development for the ground attack aircraft they manufacture.

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Project: VFLITE (example 5)
Client: Pegasus Interactive

Pegasus Interactive created a successful line of aviation training courseware and marketed the products under the VFLITE brand name. The courseware, developed over an eight-year period and sold through direct, reseller and distributor channels, was highly regarded for its innovative scenario-based, guided simulation learning methodology. Sold to Jeppesen/Boeing in 2010, this family of learning software is now available at Jepp Direct.

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Project: Training Management System
Client: Canadian Helicopters

The training department at Canadian Helicopters needed a way to provide their pilots with hybrid avionics systems eLearning for inital and recurrent training. Previously, courseware was implemented in a standalone mode, without the capability to track learner sessions or progress.

Key requirements for the Training Management System (TMS) included converting the standalone training to report results to a management portal, as well as development of additional administrative functions.Pegasus Interactive built the front & back ends, did all database design and development, coded the required web services.

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UAS Services: Smokestack Inspection

In preparation for a commercial mission to inspect several smokestacks being restored by an engineering firm, a demo flight was conducted to show how much safer, faster and convenient it is to use UAS to capture the required image data. View video.

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UAS Services: Tower Inspections

Using Unmanned Aerial Systems to inspect vertical structures such as a cellular and communication towers, is significantly safer than a manned inspection. Inspection crew can remain on the ground, view live HD quality video feed from the UAS, conduct the inspection more quickly than having crew climb the tower. Imagery captured from the UAS mission can be annotated immediately after the flight, then work orders can be sent from the site for quick repair and maintenance.
View cell tower inspection video.

View radio communication tower inspection video.

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UAS Services: Aerial Mapping

Unmanned aerial systems accurately determine range, area, elevation, and other critical mapping data to meet GIS standards at a significantly low cost than manned aircraft suveys, enabling managing and monitoring environmental conditions, infrastructure assets, property scans, and more.

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UAS Services: Photogrammetry

Unmanned Aerial Systems are ideal vehicles to capture image data for a variety of photogrammetry applications, including datasets to produce 3D models, which provide context for design, construction, and operations decisions for all types of infrastructure projects.

Pegasus was contracted to capture images (close to 1,100 aerial photos) for a portion of a fuel processing facility. The dataset was later processed to develop a precise reality mesh. View 3D model. Note: After going to the 3D model, click and drag to explore.

Pegasus was also contracted to create an image dataset (over 3,000 photos) of a construction site. Watch mission video excerpt. The dataset was later processed to develop a precise reality mesh. View 3D model. Note: After going to the 3D model, click and drag to explore.

Pegasus was hired to create an image dataset of a large solar panel array on the roof of an IKEA distribution center. The dataset was used to develop a precise reality mesh of the array, for asset management and inspection purposes.Click here to watch mission overview video.

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UAS Services: Quarry & Mine Inspection

Unmanned Aerial Systems can greatly reduce the man hours required and costs to survey a quarry. Pegasus Interactive was hired to create an image dataset of an active quarry, which was then processed to generate an Orthomosaic and Digital Surface Model (DSM) of the facility. Click here to watch a video excerpt of the mission.

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Project: Weight & Balance Visualizer (application 1)
Client: VFLITE™

The VFLITE™ Weight & Balance Visualizer was developed to enable pilots to quickly, easily and safely determine if their aircraft loading is within limits before departure. Traditional chart and table based calculations are not only tedious but error prone, as incorrect data can lead to incorrect projections, and interpolating perfomance charts is also subject to mistaken conclusions. The Weight & Balance Visualizer makes simple work of this critical task, and the highly graphical interface makes the job foolproof.

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Project: Performance Visualizer (application 2)
Client: VFLITE™

The VFLITE™ Performance Visualizer incorporates the functionality of the Weight & Balance Visualizer but extends the application to include calculation for all other phases of flight, enabling pilots to quickly, easily and safely determine how their aircraft will perform, from takeoff to landing. Traditional chart and table based calculations are not only tedious but error prone, as incorrect data entry can lead to incorrect projections, and interpolating perfomance charts is also subject to erroneous interpretations. An intuitive user interface design, with easy to use menu options and slider controls, makes total aircraft performance a quick and pleasant experience.

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Project: Chart Selector (application 3)
Client: Airways

Airways, a small business with an online pilot supply store, commissioned Pegasus to develop a shopping site that would make it easy to select the many charts that thier customers need for flight operations.

Major challenges for the project included development of a graphical chart selection tool, that would make buying simple, the ability to let customers easily create standing orders for re-curring purchase needs, effective database design, and back-end integration with the shopping cart.

The result was Chart-O-Matic, a visually engaging shopping experience available on Customers now have three easy options to graphically select the chart products they need, and the simplified buying choices has helped Airways grow their sales.

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