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UAS Consulting

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) increase business profit and revenues by automating routine & difficult tasks safely and efficiently, saving time and money without the expense of using manned aircraft. Pegasus Interactive offers a comprehensive array of consulting services to help companies start employing UAS.

In addition to the hundreds of aviation learning hours we've developed, our FAA certified team has over 30+ years training, operating and maintaining both UAS and manned general aviation aircraft, and we can leverage this experience to help your business reap the benefits of commercial UAS operation.

There are a wide variety of industries now embracing commercial employment of UAS, and we can help you define your mission and implement the right system for your needs into your workflow. Key applications include GIS, Precision Agriculture, Aerial Photography, Construction, Thermal Imaging, Power Line & Structure Inspection.

Typical consulting areas we can help you with are:

  1. Needs Assessment & Technical Requirements
  2. Feasibility & ROI Analysis
  3. System Selection & Procurement
  4. Implementation
  5. Program Management
  6. Standardized Training
  7. FAA Regulatory Compliance
  8. Safety & Risk Management
  9. Operations & Maintenance Manual Development
  10. Operations Support

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