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Learning & Development

It's true that knowledge is power, and getting powerful business results requires your employees to get skilled in the most effective way possible. Our learning services and training development help your people achieve signficant performance improvement by applying best instructional design practices that delivers personalized, blended learning anywhere, anytime.

In addition to the decades of training for manned aviation pilots, we're also experts on UAS training development for commercial operators, who require FAA Part 107 certification. We provide online, self-paced FAA Part 107 test preparation courseware, as well as instructor-led classroom and field training. Pegasus Interactive can help your organization understand and learn about critical topics such as:

  1. Regulations applicable to small UAS operations
  2. Airspace
  3. Flight restrictions
  4. How to clear an obstacle during flight
  5. Weather and micrometeorology
  6. Weight and balance
  7. Emergency operations
  8. Aeronautical decision-making/judgement and crew resource management
  9. Airport operations and radio communication procedures
  10. Physiology

Let our award-winning Learning and Development Services team help you deliver learning that is relevant, engaging and memorable. Using rich media such as compelling video, high-fidelity scenario-based guided simulations, interactive animations, all blended into online mobile courses, and re-purposed for ILT (Instructor-Led Training), our experts will collaborate with you to understand your unique development needs and define key learning objectives. Then we'll put our world-class production capabilities to work to create a tailored training solution designed to develop employee skills that align with your business goals.

Our learning and development services include:

  • Learning Strategy Development
  • Training Outsourcing
  • Multimedia Content Creation
  • Classroom Training
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Administration
  • Legacy Content Modernization
  • Training Simulation Development
  • Mobile Learning Development

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