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About Us

Innovative thinking, outstanding output.
Since 1997, Pegasus Interactive has provided aviation consulting services, including learning and application development solutions, for many global aerospace companies. In 2014, we began offering UAS support and services, in part due to the experience cross-over and symbiotic skill sets we posses that apply to customers involved with Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS).

Pegasus Interactive fields a talented group of aviation experts, application developers, and eLearning professionals. Our company is widely recognized not only for the ground-breaking scenario-based, guided simulation learning methodology we pioneered, in addition to the visual-based, dynamic flight planning applications we've developed, but also for our broad knowledge of aerospace ecosystem.

We're passionate about developing highly effective and engaging courseware, assessment services, mobile learning solutions, learning platforms and managed training services. And in addition to our internal training development staff, our training services business partner, InfoPro Learning, has delivered a massive 30K+ hours of learning for customers worldwide. Our collective team brings unique and complimentary technical/project management expertise to deliver on-target results, and the bandwidth to produce the any quantity of work on-time.

Our UAS team is dedicated to providing the best consulting and services to help infrastructure customers - engineering consultants, contractors, inspection and maintenance workers, survey companies, architects and more - leverage the variety of solutions that UAS platforms can provide.